The Ricketson- Harris-Verkruisen Memorial LGBT Library at MCC Blue Ridge

On Dec 4th of 2011, this wonderful library was rededicated to three individuals who were instrumental in it’s early vision and creation. There were certainly others who contributed as well during its history, which spans 15-20 years if not longer. Over the years it has been located at three different venues here in Roanoke, most recently at the former Drop in Center location on Church Ave. It spent several years at that location, being very well cared for by their staff. When they had to move about a year and a half ago, they could not take the library due to a lack of space at it’s new location on Campbell Ave. Metropolitan Community Church of the Blue Ridge viewed this collection as a huge community asset and wanted to continue it’s presence in Roanoke. The 3000 or so volumes were moved and stored at MCC until recently when they were able to find adequate bookshelves for the collection.

(Our special thanks to Robert Ball of Barnes & Noble at Tanglewood Mall.)

MCC Blue Ridge, located at 806 Jamison Ave SE, Roanoke is very proud and honored to have this unique, possibly largest LGBT book collection in Virginia, within their church. MCC is a church which was founded on the principle of being open and accepting of all people, and it fully welcomes everyone in our community and beyond to visit, browse and enjoy this irreplaceable collection of LGBT related fiction and nonfiction books.

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   Friends of the Library

Volunteer in the Library, or give a donation of money or resources and become a member of this very important group. Thank You !!  Members:

Eugene Drayton, Frank House, Robert Ball

(Your name here !)


Initial hours for the R-H-V Library are as follows, but may change. Please check this website for updates, or you may call the church at 540-344-4444. The complete book inventory is also accessible from the button-link to the left as a pdf file.

Sun…10am-1:00pm, Thurs 1pm-4pm, ..or by Appointment.  


“Friends of the Library” Please join our Friends of the Library group, whose members donate their time and/or monetary and resource donations towards the maintenance, expansion and outreach programs of the Library. Your donations are tax deductible through MCC Blue Ridge.


If you have LGBT related books which you no longer want, please consider giving them to the Library so that others in our community may enjoy them.

Book Clubs:

We would be happy to assist the formation of, and/or, provide the library space for new LGBT book clubs in our community. Please contact us.  

Historical LGBT Roanoke-Region Archive Collection :

Wish to help collect and organize LGBT pages, newspapers, pictures, event programs etc etc..?? Have items you’d like to donate.? Please contact us and even help create a Historical LGBT Archives Group. Yes...we have history and it needs collecting, organizing, protecting and it needs to be accessable to all especially our community’s youth and for those moving here to Roanoke.  

Inter-Library Loans :

We are making efforts to promote our Library in many ways. One of these is to contact colleges, city libraries etc in the area to let them know that we can also lend books to them directly from our large on-line- accessible inventory.

Thank You,

Eugene Drayton



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The Drop -In Center is located at 356 Campbell Ave SW, Roanoke,VA 24016

Tel 540-982-2437

Hours: M-F 9am-1pm, and 2pm-6pm -except Wed.

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