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Roanoke Diversity Center (RDC)


Mission Statement

To support, educate, empower, and advocate for LGBT individuals and groups in the Roanoke region, and to encourage collaborative efforts with the greater community to improve the quality of life for all.

Vision Statement

The RDC will inspire and empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in SW Virginia to lead full and rewarding lives. We will be a catalyst for change within and beyond our community.

Values Statement

Individually and as an organization, we value diversity, dignity, equality, civility, and civic engagement. We hold ourselves accountable to the community we serve and to those who support us.


The RDC will:


RDC Board

     Chair                     Frank House          Frank85013@aol.com

     Vice Chair              Richard Sifton        Dick85015@aol.com

     Treasurer               Erika Joyner           joyericka@yahoo.com

     Secretary               Bernard Alvarez      bernardalexalvarez@gmail.com

     Member at large     Suzanne Ashley       livelovelaughshare@gmail.com

     Member at large     Joshua Olinger        JoshuaLeeOlinger@gmail.com

     Member at large     Rodger Saunders     bruno1171@msn.com

     Member at large     Robert Marshall       Rhm0828@aol.com

     Member at large     Felisha Nguyen        ftn.nguyen@gmail.com

Please consider joining our Board as a Member at Large. We value diversity, innovative ideas, passion, and a variety of skills which you may already possess. (Officer position nominations are drawn from established RDC Board Members only.)

Our Board meetings are generally open to all, (although we may occasionally have meetings, or portions of, as closed/executive sessions), and are usually the 1st Sat of the month from 10am-noon in the RDC space. (Please check our calendar, or contact us to verify our schedule if you plan on attending, or if you’d like more information about being a Board Member for the RDC.)

Thank you.    

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Note :  

All references to the LGBT community on this web site are meant to be inclusive to ALL LGBTQQIAA2P. (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender,Queer,Questioning,Intersex,Asexual,Ally-heterosexual/straight,2 Spirit,and Pansexual.)

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