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Thank you to all of our volunteers who helped prepare our space!


Our Grand Opening February 22, 2013 !!  WOW !!

A special thank you to the following for their donations and assistance in helping the RDC become the best center it can possibly be for our community.  WOW!!  (Please check back as it is being updated often.)


Michael Harris - Donations (Founder’s Circle & Sustainer’s Circle)

Mick Cho - (Campbell Mart) Food/Drink Supplies  (Sustainer’s Circle)

Muniz Abdelhadi Assad - Donations (Founder’s Circle)

Carolyn Edelstein Items and Donations (Founder’s Circle)

Daniel Jones - Donation (Founder’s Circle)

David Morgan - Graphic Design (Founder’s Circle)

Rev. Joe Cobb - 2012,2013 (Founder’s Circle) Donation, Assistance/Support

Gary Crawford Donation (Founder’s Circle)

Lara Carruba Donation (Founder’s Circle)

Michael Earp - Material Items (Founder’s Circle)

Dr. Joseph D. O’Donnell Jr. Donation (Founder’s Circle)

Kristin & Victor Tadlock Bell - Items and Furnishings (Founder’s Circle)

Christopher Spoon - Electrician (Founder’s Circle)         

John Correll - Internet etc (Founder’s Circle)          

Jonathon Grace - Items & Donations (Founder’s Circle)

Stanley Carlson- Space upgrading (Founder’s Circle)

Eugene Drayton- Items (Founder’s Circle)        

Richard Sifton - Furnishings (Founder’s Circle)

Frank House - Items & Donations (Founder’s Circle)

Suzanne Ashley - Donations (Founder’s Circle)

Jeffrey Mills - (Ashley Furniture) Furnishings (Founder’s Circle)

Pam Meador - Donations (Founder’s Circle)

Darryl Thompson - Items (Founder’s Circle)

Daniel Jones - Donation (Founder’s Circle)

Josh Olinger- RDC Student Intern (Founder’s Circle)

Michelle Bennett  2012 Film Fest, 2013 Assistance (Founder’s Circle)

Charles Richards 2012 Film Fest Donation, 2013 assistance/Items (Founder’s Circle)

Christopher Deason Items (Founder’s Circle)

Bill Williams - Donation (Members Circle)

George Clements - Donation (Members Circle)

Jim Best - Donation (Members Circle)

Yonah Wente and her mom Christie - Assistance

Mathew Ray - Assistance

       Stephen Hodge - Assistance

       Riley Chattin - Assistance

       Erika Joyner - Furnishings

       Mona Audia - Donation

       Edward Doss - Donation

         Wesley Oliver Cook - Donation

Walt Hodges - Artwork

Bettie Clay - Support

Carlton Davis - Support

Bernard Alvarez - Support

Betsy Parkins - Support

Garland Gravely - Support

Richard Ward - Support

       Anonymous - Donations


>>  All of the RDC Board Members and volunteers - past and present! Thank you!


Fashionista Roanoke - 2012 Benefit Fashion-Auction, 2013,2014 (Event Partner)

Hollins University Film Dept - 2012 RDC Film Festival Venue (Event Partner).

The Shadowbox Cinema - 2011, 2012 RDC Film Festivals Venue (Event Partner)  

  Roanoke Pride 2012,2013 RDC Film Fest event & RDC Pride Party (Donation),PR Assistance.

  Roanoke PFLAG Organizing Group 2013,2014 (Material donations, PR Assistance)

 Floyd PFLAG 2013 Donation, & Material and assistance-support

Ladies of the Blue Ridge (2012,2013,2014 PR assistance etc)

Taubman Museum of Art 2012 RDC Film Fest Venue (Event Partner)

Drop in Center 2012,2013,2014 RDC Space & Events (Materials, furnishings,PR Assistance etc)

MCC Blue Ridge 2012,2013,2014 (Space facilitation,PR assistance etc)

CUPS Coffee & Tea 2012 (2012 & 2013)

City Bliss Coffee & Tea(2012 & 2013)

Campbell Mart (2013/2014 RDC Food & Bev Items)

202 Market Restaurant/Lounge (2012 & 2013 RDC Film Fest / Pride Party Assistance-Venue)

Boston LGBT Film Fest (James Nadeau) - (2012,13,14) RDC Film Fest Planning Assistance

                                                                              Rev 3 29 14fh

Please scroll down for our recognition of our donors and contributors! Thank you to all of you who have helped, and are still helping us, to have the best center possible for our community!