Rod Winge

  • Hi Folks,

    You may or may not know me but I was a good friend of Dick Sifton’s one of the founders of Roanoke Diversity. I was also a member of the GLBT AA group that, until recently met at the Diversity Center each Sunday afternoon. I want to express our appreciation for your allowing us to meet at the Center during the time that we were there. As you may know, after 36 years of providing a safe meeting for the GBLT community the group has closed. I live in Covington, but would like to come by the Diversity Center to collect any materials that remain at the meeting location so that the can be passed on to other recovery groups.

    I have not been able to reach Randy Taylor by phone or e-mail so I am contacting you directly to put closure on the meeting. Please give me your thoughts on when I might be able to stop by and collect whatever may remain.

    Thanks so much,

    Rod Winge


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