Jamie Murray

  • Q: What changes or additional features would you suggest for this website?
    A: maybe a link to a website of all the genuine genders and sexualities or just another tab for them on this one, we could have the flag, the name under it and a description of sorts under. it could help people figure themselves out if they don’t know already

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  • I have come out to my mom a few times, first i came out as Bi, then as Trans (FtM), then after severe dysphoria i came to the realization i was Genderfluid. prior to this i had come out to my mom as trans twice because i had forgotten about the first time but when i discovered i was pan i decided to hit to birds with one stone and tell mom about both at the same time. she told me that pan was basically bi because " there is only two genders ", efficiently ( but accidentally ), invalidating my gender and my sexuality at the same time. She told me she didnt want me to change my time from my birth name ( Olivia ) but she was okay with the name Oliver because of how close it was. I know this probably isn’t the smartest but after i turn 18 im going to change my name to Jamie with or without her blessing.

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