The Roanoke Diversity Center operations and programs function successfully due to the hard work of our committees, individual project managers, and volunteers that organize, stage and execute every event, forum, and operational task. Committees are Chaired by a sitting Board Member and complete tasks with the help of our Project Managers (Current Board or appointed Advisory Board Members) and many Volunteers. While Committee Chairs and Project Managers must be sitting Board Members/Advisory Board Members according to our bylaws volunteers are welcomed to sit on a committee and or play a vital role in any project, event or program. We welcome members of our community to reach out to a Committee Chair or Project Manager and get involved.


Committee Oversight, Projects, and Project Managers


Executive:  Committee Chair Elizabeth Parsons


Board Oversight, Executive Director Recruitment, and Relations. Makes interim decisions in between Board Meetings in the presence of time constraints. A think tank for the RDC. The leadership of the leadership. Primary point of contact to Committee Chairs.

Finance: Committee Chair Ericka Joyner


Assumes fiduciary responsibility of the organization, communicating relevant data to the full board including Auditing, Banking, creating Annual Budget, Taxes, Bookkeeping, Insurance, Licenses and payroll. Creates and updates fiscal policy and procedures for the organization. Works with Fundraising Chair to set fundraising goals. Writes and reports on all applicable grants.

Programs: Committee Chair Jason Layman


Oversees the administration of all programmatic functions within the organization. Suggest new programs and monitors the success of each program. Oversees all Project Managers to ensure all needs are met. Reports relevant data to the Board. Communicates all necessary information with other committees. Vet’s and suggests new groups to use the facilities.

Out Proud Aware (OPA): Program Manager: Graham Grasty (

Roanoke LGBT Generations: Project Manager: Jason Layman (

Rainbow Chat: Project Manager:  Linny Caldwell

Nonbinary Alliance of the Blue Ridge Support Group: Project Manager: Nathaniel Brandestas (

Star City Transgender Alliance: Project Manager: Nathaniel Bradestas (

LGBTQ+ Memorial Library: Project Manager: Gregory Rosenthal (Contact the Roanoke LGBT History Project)

Youth SAGA of Roanoke:  Project Manager: Linny Caldwell (

Transcending Men: Project Manager: Jason Layman

*Bi The Way Group: Project Manager: Suzanne Ashley

*ROPO: Project Manager: Suzanne Ashley

*Ladies & Gents of the Blue Ridge Transgender Alliance: Ericka Joyner

*Earth Spirit Roanoke Project Manager: Bernard Alvarez


Fundraising: Committee Chair Elizabeth Parsons


Work with Finance to ensure there’s a specific fundraising target. Research fundraising opportunities and make recommendations to the Board. Develop an action plan about who is going to approach what source, how and by when. (Events, grants, campaigns, etc.) Oversee said efforts.

Winter Fete: Project Manager: Elizabeth Parsons

Car Wash: Project Manager: Elizabeth Parsons


Board Resources: Committee Chair Ericka Joyner


Volunteer: Coordinator: Linny Caldwell

Team Spirit: Project Manager: Bernard Alvarez

Board Recruitment: Project Manager: Ericka Joyner AND Board of Directors

Board Training: Project Manager: Elizabeth Parsons

ByLaws: Project Manager: Ericka Joyner


Public Relations: Committee Chair Bernard Alvarez


To garner community support through strategic planning/execution of Special Events, Speakers Bureau, Social Media, Newsletter, Website, Advertising, Press, and Email. To share with the public through media LGBTQ+ relevant issues on the local, regional and national stage. To engage in interagency relations in conjunction with the Executive Committee, in order to further the public’s awareness of the RDC. To respond to media inquiries.

Special Events: Project Manager:  Elizabeth Parsons

Speakers Bureau: Project Managers: Nathaniel Brandestas and Linda Caldwell 

Website: Project Managers: Bernard Alvarez 

Newsletter: Project Manager: Elizabeth Parsons

Advertising: Project Manager: BOD

Press:  Project Manager: Elizabeth Parsons (

Email: Jason Layman or BOD


Facilities: Committee Chair Bernard Alvarez 

The Facilities Committee assists the Executive Committee in providing leadership and oversight for the construction, revitalization, and maintenance, use by outside groups of the RDC physical space and engaging the Board and other stakeholders to address, on a continuing basis, the RDC's facility needs including Supplies & Maintenance.

Open Hours: PM/BOD Managers: Bernard, Linny


*denotes Facilitated by an Advisory Board Member, Certified Volunteer OR not an official RDC Program.


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