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  • Hello!

    I wanted to reach out to you for a few reasons.

    First, I work for a mental health advocacy non-profit comprised of people who are in mental health recovery (“peers,” for short). We have been awarded a grant from SAMHSA to create a tool-kit help mental health agencies provide more friendly LGBTQ environments for both clients and staff. We are fortunate to have advisory committee of people with lived experience in both of these areas and I feel excited about the project we are undertaking.

    As we prepare to launch the toolkit next spring there will be an opportunity for interested parties to proof-read and make suggestions. Then, when the training becomes available and agencies are able to signify that they have participated, we would like to spread this news far and wide in the community. In the meantime, it has become so apparent that the peer community and the LGBTQ community have much in common and there is plenty of crossover. Many people don’t realize there is a community of people in recovery and a profession, Peer Support Specialist, that is now a Medicaid billable service. Part of my job is to speak about mental health, in specific or non-specific ways. Sometimes I bring a participatory art project and talk a little about VOCAL or recovery or other resources. Sometimes I am asked to do a more pointed talk about Trauma Informed Care or something of that sort. Is this something you might be interested in at your center? Also, we are hosting an 8 week WRAP class at Diversity in Richmond and actively seeking LGBTQ identified individuals who would like free training to facilitate WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan – a self-directed evidence-based wellness program). Oh, and we are preparing to open a support group online (via Facebook) in January 2018!

    I know it is a hectic time of year, so please take your time in getting back to me. If you are interested, I would like to set up appointments now for 2018. You know best what your organization needs and if there is anything I can offer.

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter so I can keep abreast of what is happening there and possibilities for potential collaboration. I’m open to your suggestions about anything I’ve just written about.

    Warm regards,

    Malaina Poore, MA

    Network Program Director


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