New to Roanoke?

Welcome to Roanoke!

    We would like to extend a warm welcome to you if you are new to our area! We a very quickly growing LGBTQ+ community in the midst of initiating new exciting projects, supportive elements, and events for our diverse Roanoke area community.

   The Roanoke Diversity Center (RDC) founded in 2013 is the Roanoke area’s LGBTQ+ community center and is open to all! If interested in becoming involved with the RDC and it’s efforts to help our community, or for more info, check out the "Get Involved" page. 

   Other existing, supportive groups, organizations,agencies, and businesses working within or with our local & Regional rainbow community include: Roanoke Pride, DESTINY, The Rogues, LGBT Professional Networking Group, Fashionista Roanoke, Intimate Path Dinner Group, Ladies and Gents of the Blue Ridge - Transgender Alliance, Drop in Center/Counsel of Community Services, MCC Blue Ridge, Unitarian Universalist Church, LGBT Outdoors Adventure Group, Roanoke Equality, Spirit of Tolerance & Art in the Region, Plowshare, Local Colors, The Park Nightclub, and Backstreet Café. Links to these entities and more can be found in various areas of this website including on the Resources page.

   If you wish to be active in our community, think of Roanoke as a blank canvas upon which you can help create vivid, inspiring, effective and colorful new groups, events, and collaborations. Want to create a new group? Contact us and we'll be glad to talk about ways the RDC can help. 

    There are many cultural and entertainment venues in our artsy downtown area ranging from theaters (Star City Playhouse, Mill Mountain Theater, Showtimers) to large museums, many stores, clubs and some great restaurants too! 


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Have fun in our community, and again-- we welcome you!

The Roanoke Diversity Center Board