Rodger's Netflix Roundup


Informative Queue, Informative Q, I.Q. Magazine or simply just--I.Q.

Many different ways to refer to the same wonderful publication!

Premiering in June 2014, Informative Q Magazine, brings you stories about travel, food, spirituality, personal triumph, fashion, LGBTQ+ stories and more!

Informative Q is published 6 times a year, every other month. They are always looking for contributors. Anyone can submit a story about, well, anything!

Do you have a passion for writing? Do you see something from a perspective, no one else has? Or perhaps an interesting personal story? Or maybe, something totally different? If so, write it up and send it to them! You have 6 times a year to get your story published! 

This brings me to, my contribution:


In each issue, I'll condense all of the hours of Netflix I watch each month, down to a personal favorite! My choice may be a comedy, a thriller, an autobiography, an action film or even a show from regular television whose seasons are now streamable on Netflix.

But I won't just be going through and picking shows willy nilly.

I have personally watched every one of my recommendations and found something that makes them, stand out, from the thousands of other available choices!  

Nor will you see me recommending movies such as,“Lord Of The Rings”, “Star Wars”, Star Trek” or “Harry Potter”. Or episodic television for shows like, “Cheers”, M*A*S*H, “Friends” or “Seinfeld”.

Now, while all of those shows are wonderful, everyone has heard of them and most have likely watched them already.

No. What I am aiming for, are selections that you have never heard of or watched, but should have.

Shows whose title or description, for some reason, didn't make you push the 'play' button. 

I hope to alert you to a wonderful gem, you may not have seen, had you not read my review.

That's my goal, at least! 

Click here to find out what I've chosen for the October 2015 issue installment of, “Rodger's Netflix Roundup”.

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