Frank House

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  • The irony and injustice in this story is not unique. It has happened and will continue to happen around the world, especially in the dozens of countries where homosexuality is still a serious crime. Many have contributed greatly from within their closets, only to be exposed and punished unspeakably. Even in countries such as the U.S…where there is often still chronic low to moderate oppression, individuals are dehumanized and often do not reach their potential, to say the least. In addition to external oppression, we have been taught quite successfully to self oppress, over decades. Perhaps some day our gifts and talents and ambitions will outweigh the importance of our sexuality and identity in the eyes of society. Perhaps our sexuality and gender identity will not even be worthy enough to be a curiosity, to be questioned, or to even come up in conversation. Those items will certainly describe us, yet not define us.

Retired/LGBT Community Activist, Roanoke Diversity Center leadership;
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