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  • i knew that I loved girls and boys but I didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t know what they would think. When I did tell someone they were surprisingly understanding so then I told my mom and she didn’t care and that was cool. I still haven’t told my grandma or my dad cause I know they wont love me anymore mainly because my grandma is homophobic and my dad agrees with everything she says. I’m still struggling but I know it will get better.
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  • We have started a support group Called the Star City Transgender Alliance Group recently and we are trying to get our name out to the community and we want to have people be able to talk about what ever they need to talk about.
  • Genderqeer, AB/DL, looking for support to learn to live life as me but in a safe environment
  • Genderqueerish nonbinary individual. Sexual deviant. Garden variety. Would like to focus more on important issues of being nonbinary in this kind of society and promoting beneficial healing alternatives for others.