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  • Anonymous
    I came out as gay in a different way. In my memoir. My family doesn’t know as I wrote in a pen name. I wrote my book for two reasons to show the struggles I had as a boy growing up gay with no one to turn to. I also wrote the book after numerous precious children who classify or come out as gay are bullied into suicide. I wrote the book to show the abuse I endured, physical, mental, sexual as a way to give hope to those who are struggling to find themselves.
  • Jamie Murray
    I have come out to my mom a few times, first i came out as Bi, then as Trans (FtM), then after severe dysphoria i came to the realization i was Genderfluid. prior to this i had come out to my mom as trans twice because i had forgotten about the first time but when i discovered i was pan i decided to hit to birds with one stone and tell mom about both at the same time. she told me that pan was basically bi because " there is only two genders ", efficiently ( but accidentally ), invalidating my gender and my sexuality at the same time. She told me she didnt want me to change my time from my birth name ( Olivia ) but she was okay with the name Oliver because of how close it was. I know this probably isn’t the smartest but after i turn 18 im going to change my name to Jamie with or without her blessing.
  • Isis Sanchez
    I am a lesbian and well I’m out but I’m not out to my mom. My dad knows but he kinda judges me I honestly don’t know what to do


    I’m really gay
  • bernie phillips
    hi my name is bernie i am lesbian i dont give a fuck what people say
  • Joblele
  • somnath
  • Shannon Hallahan
    i knew that I loved girls and boys but I didn’t want to tell anyone because I didn’t know what they would think. When I did tell someone they were surprisingly understanding so then I told my mom and she didn’t care and that was cool. I still haven’t told my grandma or my dad cause I know they wont love me anymore mainly because my grandma is homophobic and my dad agrees with everything she says. I’m still struggling but I know it will get better.
  • Pat Stogsdill
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  • Pat Stogsdill
    We have started a support group Called the Star City Transgender Alliance Group recently and we are trying to get our name out to the community and we want to have people be able to talk about what ever they need to talk about.
  • Stephanie Houck
    Genderqeer, AB/DL, looking for support to learn to live life as me but in a safe environment
  • Salem Alexandre Berry
    Genderqueerish nonbinary individual. Sexual deviant. Garden variety. Would like to focus more on important issues of being nonbinary in this kind of society and promoting beneficial healing alternatives for others.
  • Jelenne Wimmer
  • Jelenne Wimmer