Welcome to the Roanoke Diversity Center

Mission Statement

To support, educate, empower, and advocate for LGBT individuals and groups in the Roanoke region, and to encourage collaborative efforts with the greater community to improve the quality of life for all. 

Vision Statement

The RDC will inspire and empower lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in SW Virginia to lead full and rewarding lives. We will be a catalyst for change within and beyond our community. 

Values Statement

Individually and as an organization, we value diversity, dignity, equality, civility, and civic engagement. We hold ourselves accountable to the community we serve and to those who support us. 


  1. Provide a welcoming, interesting, and safe gathering place for individuals and groups.
  2. Enable community members to interact informally and organizations to meet regularly.
  3. Enhance access to resources by gathering and sharing information and referrals on a variety of topics including LGBT-owned and LGBT-friendly professionals, businesses, and organizations.
  4. Partner with local groups to create a supportive network of organizations that  serve the LGBT community.
  5. Gather and share information about events, organizations, and volunteer and activism opportunities.
  6. Reduce isolation among marginalized and under-served individuals and groups.
  7. Provide information about and introduction to the community for those new to the area or newly out.
  8. Advocate for equality, locally and at the state and national levels.
  9. Maintain a vibrant and growing lending library.
  10. Support health and wellness by hosting HIV-testing, substance abuse prevention, and other programs.
  11. Encourage participation in and appreciation of the arts by hosting shows, films, and classes.
  12. Reach out to the larger community to increase public awareness and understanding of LGBT people and issues.
  13. Offer external programs and a speaker’s bureau.
  • Upcoming events

    Self Defense Workshop: Systema: Russian Martial Arts
    Saturday, October 10, 2015 at 09:00 AM
    Roanoke Diversity Center in Roanoke, VA


    This event is limited to 10 participants only. 

    NOTE: If you wish to attend, you must agree to sign a waiver, and you must RSVP through the following event brite page. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/self-defense-workshop-systema-a-unique-russian-martial-art-tickets-18726481410

    Simply saying you're "attending" on the Facebook event page is not sufficient and will not grant you a spot. Thank you for your understanding. If this event is popular, future classes may be scheduled. 

    This is a free seminar-overview of this unique Russian Martial Art. It is free and open to adults and teenagers(with parents signing a waiver). 

    Wear comfortable clothes and bring some water, no other equipment is needed. 

    Join us for an honest and practical look at self-defense. This seminar will examine how to respond to common attacks, including punches, kicks, grabs, and knife attacks, both standing and on the ground. You will also learn how to fall safely on any surface. We will practice techniques to help you stay calm during an emergency situation, and discuss the laws that surround the use of force during an attack. 

    The instructor:
    Tiffany has been studying Systema for five years and is certified as an instructor-in-training by Vladimir Vasiliev. She has over 15 years of teaching experience in a variety of fields with all age groups. Tiffany continues her training regularly at Systema seminars around the country.

    Tiffany Lee

    Head Instructor

    Valley Systema




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