Welcome to The Roanoke Diversity Center!


Yes, RDC is still closed for now. We are keeping our eyes on the most current updates as to when we may re-open and we promise we'll let you know as soon as we know! In the meantime, please check facebook.com/coronavirus_info/ for the latest info in taking of yourself and each other. Please keep an eye on our Facebook page here for any updates or changes to our schedule.

The Roanoke Diversity Center is YOUR LGBTQ+ Community Center

Contact us! Phone: 540-491-4165 Email: admin@roanokediversitycenter.com

We offer Peer-to-peer support groups, films, trivia, and more!

Our FREE Out. Proud. Aware. program offers:

FREE Drag Trivia Night - 3rd Wednesday each month 7:30-9PM

Click HERE for more info on Out. Proud. Aware.


Guerrilla Gay Bar Roanoke - 2nd Wednesday of the month

(Click HERE to join our FB Group for location reveals the day before)

Roanoke LGBT Generations - Meeting dates & times vary

(Click HERE for their facebook page)

 Bi-Monthly Youth S.A.G.A. Of Roanoke (12 - 18 Yrs.) - Dates & times vary

(Click HERE for their facebook page)

"Bi The Way" Bisexual/Pansexual/Asexual/Middle-sexual group - 2nd Wed each month 7-8:30PM

Ladies and Gents of the Blue Ridge Transgender Support Group - 3rd Friday each month 7-9PM

(Click HERE for their facebook page)

RoPo (Roanoke Polyamory) Support Group! - Meeting dates & times vary

(Click HERE for their upcoming Facebook event page)

Check out our Facebook Page for more info, for these and other events! 

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